Oct 21, 2010

B.T.B. "BLANKA: The Beginning"

This is the first project of my new portfolio of concept art. I started with something that I enjoy as a gamer to fuel my creativity. I am going back to the beginning of Blanka's known existence on the Brazilian land. (Original Street Fighter 2 character) I can't explain anything else but my works and progress will show my thoughts and direction. I will provide sketches, storyboards, color comps, character ideations, props, environments, and fully rendered works. I appreciate and want constructive criticism. It's the only thing that's gonna help me make an effective portfolio that these companies will want to see. I hope you enjoy and check up on my progress. Everything I do will be posted and updated frequently. Enjoy B.T.B. "BLANKA: The Beginning" Glenn Lattiere


mskanorado said...

Just came across your blog! Loving your work! Kudos to you!

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Looking DAMN good! Couldn't be more proud of you to know you're diving back into this. You got the chops to do it too.